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We don't believe in one-size-fits-all packages.

Instead, we believe that successful marketing demands customization, adaptability, and optimization.

We craft marketing initiatives based on your business's unique goals, audience, industry, and offers, which is why we have a 5 Star Rating on Google!

Prices start at $6,500 CAD (total).

Get an effective blueprint that outlines how to reach your business goals.

Results to expect:

  • data-driven plan outlining how to achieve your  business goals.

  • A plan to find and convert your ideal customer profile(s).

  • A budget breakdown with a scalability and process plan.

Customization Options:

  • Training or workshops to educate employees on strategy.

  • Implementation and optimization check-ins.

Prices start at $2,500/month CAD.

Reach and connect with your audience where they are - online.

Results to expect:

  • To reach your target audience across various online channels.

  • Metrics that demonstrate clear return on investment.

  • Quality leads and conversions, driving sales and business growth.

Services include:

  • Pay per click  (PPC)  Advertising across all online channels.

  • Email marketing.

  • Social Media Marketing and Advertising.

  • Geographic marketing.

  • Retargeting/Remarketing.

  • Content Creation and Optimization.

Prices start at $2,000/month CAD.

Build your online presence, out rank your competition and get seen online.

Not sure what you need?

Product Market
Fit Analysis

Learn how to align your offering with market preferences.

Marketing Audit

Discover the gaps in your marketing needs.

Competitor Analysis

Learn from your competitors to gain insight and inspiration.

Trusted by startups & businesses across Canada

Client's Say

We recently had the pleasure of working with Kira Kelsie from Kasm Consulting for our marketing revamp, including a complete overhaul of our website. Kira's expertise in digital marketing is evident in the quality of work she delivers.


She was not only quick to execute our vision but also exceptionally receptive to our feedback, ensuring the final product was exactly what we were looking for. The website has turned out beautifully, exceeding our expectations and significantly enhancing our online presence.

Kira's professionalism and commitment to excellence made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. Her ability to understand our needs and translate them into effective marketing strategies is commendable. We highly recommend Kira Kelsie and Kasm Consulting to anyone looking to rejuvenate their digital marketing footprint. Her dedication and skill set are sure to elevate your brand to new heights.

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