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+220% Reach FromOrganic Social Media Posting

Explore how our strategic approach to organic social media posting resulted in a remarkable +220% increase in reach.


Discover how we can elevate your social media presence and drive meaningful results for your business.

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How does Organic Reach on social media help startups?

Organic Reach on social media refers to the number of individuals who have viewed your content without any paid promotion, meaning it reaches them naturally.


A higher reach typically results in more brand awareness and increased engagement with your posts, which in turn signals social media algorithms to display your content more frequently to a broader audience.

What is the purpose of Organic Reach on social media?

Organic Reach in social media marketing measures the amount of "unique" or new accounts that have viewed your post on a platform without the business paying for that exposure or view.  Essentially, it measures the natural visibility of the content to users.

For context, the average Organic Reach Rate on Facebook is 1.22% (Social Status, 2024).

Did you really increase a business's Organic Reach on social media by 220%?

Yes!  Below is a screenshot of this success.   

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How long did it take to achieve these results?

First, it's important to note that each service package with Kasm is custom to the specific needs of the business. Through detailed analysis, we identified Facebook as the optimal platform for reaching the business's target demographic. Kasm then implemented a tailored social media strategy aimed at boosting organic engagement, as they did not have an advertising budget yet.

Within just one month of consistent posting, we successfully enhanced the reach of the business's Facebook Page by 220%. This achievement underscores the effectiveness of our organic posting strategy, which directly contributed to increased sign-ups and conversions for the business.

At Kasm Consulting, we understand that not every business has a dedicated advertising budget. Our approach emphasizes creative solutions and strategic organic tactics. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to optimize your current social media presence, we're committed to delivering impactful results without the need for a substantial advertising investment.

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