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516.7 Organic Webite Views

Why are new organic website views relevant to startups?

On-page SEO is one of the most important tactics for startups to scale and grow website traffic on a budget.  This is important because most conversions occur on a startup's website.

Organic traffic gives you a competitive edge and creates a digital flywheel on Google – good, optimized content leads to better search visibility and more clicks increase your site authority which gives your content better chances of ranking higher on Google.

What is the purpose of Organic Reach on Google?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that involves helping a website rank higher in search engine results. The goal is to get your website to rank as high as possible — so that you have better chances of expanding your customer base and getting your start-up out there.

Did you really increase a business' organic website views by over 500% in one month?

Yes! Below is an example from one of our client’s Google Analytics accounts.

For context, a 'new user' is a visitor who has never been to your site before and is initiating their first session on your site.  In contrast, 'user' is the total number of visitors to your site.  

Website SEO.png

Above you can see that Kasm’s SEO improvements are responsible for attracting nearly 97% of the new users (visitors) to the site.

This metric is derived from taking the number of 'new users' and dividing it by the total number of 'users' and multiplying that value by 100.

Want to increase your organic website views too?

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