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Our mission is to fill the gap in your marketing needs.


Open the black box of marketing to help your business grow.


Transparency, moving the needle, and critical thinking.

What to expect:

Tell us more about your needs, wants, goals, and vision. 


We'll tell you how our expertise aligns with your requirements.

We'll go over your:

  • Expectations

  • Key deliverables

  • Timeline

  • Budget

What to expect:


A comprehensive custom proposal based on your goals and topics of discussion from our initial meeting.

Our goal is to provide a clear understanding of the proposed marketing initiatives and align expectations to foster transparency and establish a solid foundation for collaboration.

What to expect:


Our team of experts will get to work creating and launching your marketing initiatives.

  • Onboarding Meeting

  • Kickoff Meeting

  • Project Timeline

  • Implementation

Trusted by industry partners

Kasm is proud to partner with incubators, accelerators, investors, and business communities across Canada as the preferred marketing contact or expert in residence.


Want proof of Kasm's results?

See what the press has to say about Kasm.

Read our Case Studies to learn the results you can expect.

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