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4X Sales and Sold Out Event

How relevant are events to startups?

Networking, product testing, product-market fit testing and lead acquisition are the primary reasons a startup would host an event. 

Hosting an event gives your business control over how and with whom you introduce your products and services while collecting high-quality leads from prospective customers.

How are marketing and events linked?

They are linked through testing. Being able to test a product has a strong impact on purchase behavior. If customers have the chance to try out a product during an event, it increases the chances they'll buy it. 

Event marketing encourages product and industry education.  It provides startups with a key opportunity to build relationships and trust with prospective customers by offering a personal touch and interaction that digital can often lack.

Marketing is not single-faceted.  Having a strong strategy customized to reach your business goals is critical to achieve financial results.

Did you really sell out an event, resulting in 4X sales?

Yes! Below is an example of the account showing a sold-out status. Business details and financials were removed to maintain client confidentiality.

Increase your sales with events.png

The title sponsor received fantastic visibility through this event which led to a highly successful day of sales.  What's more, Kasm captured all the data from the sold-out event, creating a repeatable template to ensure every event going forward is as successful.

Want a marketer that creates custom strategies that can 4X your sales too?

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