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4x sales &Sold Out Event

In this case study, we explore how our strategic approach led to a 4x increase in ticket sales, culminating in a completely sold-out event. By leveraging targeted marketing, a minimal paid advertising budget, effective social media usage, and engaging content, we successfully generated significant interest and drove conversions.

This success story demonstrates the power of a well-executed marketing plan in reaching business goals.

How relevant are events to startups?

Events are highly relevant to startups for several key reasons: networking, product testing, product-market fit assessment, and lead acquisition.


By hosting an event, a startup gains control over how their products and services are introduced and can engage directly with potential customers, gathering valuable customer insight and high-quality leads in the process.

How did you achieve these results?

In three short months, we created a custom marketing mix that drove the results.

First, we began with targeted marketing, identifying and segmenting our audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. This allowed us to tailor personalized messages that resonated with each segment, emphasizing the event's unique value propositions.

Our core focus was around creating buzz on social media.  Our engaging content strategy included compelling visuals, informative details about the event, and storytelling techniques that conveyed the event’s value and anticipated experience.


With a minimal paid advertising budget, we focused on cost-effective ad placements and high ROI channels, such as social media ads, ensuring maximum reach and impact.  We even got free radio and television spots for our client to ensure the message got out loud and clear! 

These combined efforts generated significant interest and drove conversions, resulting in a fourfold increase in ticket sales from the previous year, resulting in a sold-out event.

But, Kasm didn't stop there.  We captured all the data from the sold-out event, creating a repeatable process to ensure every future event is as successful.


This success story highlights the power of a well-executed marketing plan in reaching and engaging the target audience, ultimately achieving business goals.

Did you really increase ticket sales fourfold?

Yes! Below is an example of the account showing a sold-out status. Business details and financials were removed to maintain client confidentiality.

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