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Marketing Strategy Elements

Fun Fact

Businesses that document their Marketing Strategy are 538% more likely to report success than those that don't.

Business Climate

The business climate section outlines the competitive environment surrounding your business industry. We use this information to find the best ways to help your business capture markets.​

Business Goals

This section outlines the main business goals that marketing initiatives are to achieve and success will be measured.

Target Market

This section identifies and outlines in detail the particular group of consumers that your offering is best suited to aim at.

Market Strategy

This section provides a holistic overview of the business offerings and how they pertain to customers. It outlines the customer experience and provides insights on how to meet customer needs effectively and drive success in the market.

Marketing Channels

In this section, we detail the right channels to use to reach and engage with your target audience.

Marketing Technology

This section outlines the platforms that will allow your business to gain valuable insights on your audience, store data and stay competitive in the digital landscape.


At Kasm, we don't believe in surprising you with costs.  We outline the financial resources needed to achieve your goals within you budget.  You'll get a plan that is both feasible and scalable.

Client's Say:

"Kira (Kasm's Owner) is intelligent, educated and up to date with the latest marketing trends, yet communicates clearly through the tech-language of the day. Excellent service so far throughout our business relationship. Deliverables are on time (early even) and directly related to our goals.
I highly recommend Kasm and Kira."

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